Our public rela­tions depart­ment will be happy to answer any press inquiries you may have. We will be happy to provide you with infor­ma­tion about our orga­ni­za­tion and oper­a­tional activities.

In addi­tion, we also provide experts on the topics of disas­ter relief, earth­quakes, forest fires as well as forest fire fight­ing at any time and at short notice. We are avail­able as compe­tent and expe­ri­enced inter­view part­ners for news­pa­per, tele­vi­sion and radio.

Our contact persons are avail­able 24 hours a day for this purpose.

Direct contact persons


Head of Public Rela­tions / Press Officer


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Specialty Vege­ta­tion Fire Fighting

Press releases

You can find our latest press releases in our news­room on the news aktuell press portal.

About @fire

The non-profit aid orga­ni­za­tion @fire - Inter­na­tionaler Katas­tro­phen­schutz Deutsch­land e. V. has been provid­ing rapid emer­gency aid world­wide follow­ing devas­tat­ing natural disas­ters since 2002.

Respon­ders are specially trained in wild­land fire­fight­ing (WFF) and search and rescue of buried victims after earth­quakes (USAR). All of the more than 400 members are involved in national and inter­na­tional disas­ter relief on a volun­tary and unpaid basis.

The aid orga­ni­za­tion was clas­si­fied as the world’s first Light USAR Team by the United Nations Inter­na­tional Search and Rescue Advi­sory Group (INSARAG) in 2021 and oper­ates accord­ing to inter­na­tional standards.

Fund­ing for oper­a­tions, train­ing, and equip­ment is primar­ily donor-funded.

Media library / Press kit

Back­ground infor­ma­tion on @fire, its areas of exper­tise, activ­i­ties, as well as images and graph­ics for free use can be found here:

  • Back­ground infor­ma­tion debris rescue
  • Icon photos (300ppi)

  • Back­ground infor­ma­tion vege­ta­tion firefighting
  • Icon photos (300ppi)

  • Back­ground information
  • Icon photos (300ppi)