@fire provides fast, non-polit­i­cal and non-bureau­cratic aid world­wide where people or their liveli­hoods are threat­ened by disas­ters. Such threats may include vege­ta­tion fires, earth­quakes, or other events that cause human­i­tar­ian emergencies.

Oper­a­tions are carried out on a volun­tary basis and are usually financed purely by dona­tions. For fast and profes­sional help, our volun­teers are ready to be deployed at any time, are air-portable together with the required equip­ment and mate­r­ial, and are designed to work self-suffi­ciently for several days.

In addi­tion to inter­na­tional oper­a­tions, @fire also provides the expe­ri­ence of its task forces, mate­r­ial and logis­tics quickly and unbu­reau­crat­i­cally within Germany.