Advice for behav­iour before, during and after forest fires
for holi­day­mak­ers and owners of holi­day homes in other Euro­pean countries

Forest fires are part of a natural cycle in many regions of the world and there­fore occur regu­larly. Prob­lems arise, however, when, among other things, human settle­ments are built into nature with­out prior consid­er­a­tion of possi­ble dangers from forest fires.

Wild­fires are signif­i­cantly influ­enced by three factors: weather, vege­ta­tion, and terrain. Forest fires in the coun­tries of south­ern and south-east­ern Europe can take on much more intense forms than here in Germany.

Although the major­ity of all forest fires are detected and extin­guished early, if all factors are unfavourable, such as dense vege­ta­tion, hot, dry and windy weather in a hilly terrain, such fires spread very quickly and are diffi­cult to fight - even with fire-fight­ing aircraft.