Dear friends and supporters,

We are currently expe­ri­enc­ing the largest refugee move­ments since the Second World War. Surely we can discuss the reasons why this could happen. And about whether this could have been prevented, whether the legal frame­work condi­tions etc. are really opti­mal. Only the people who come to us are not inter­ested in all this. They come because they see no other option. They sacri­fice their fortunes, their homes and perhaps even their lives to flee along danger­ous paths to an unknown land.

I could talk about funda­men­tal and human rights or the prin­ci­ples of emer­gency human­i­tar­ian aid, but I know that people intu­itively do exactly the right thing: We help each other. Whether it is required after a tsunami, an earth­quake or a flood disas­ter. I would there­fore like to call on them not to be fright­ened by the contro­ver­sial discus­sion, lurid head­lines in the (social) media or even the one or other state­ment of a politi­cian: Meet these people and then listen to your gut feel­ing. They will do the right thing.

We at @fire can do very little here at the moment because of our orien­ta­tion. However, we are moni­tor­ing the situ­a­tion very closely to see if and where it might make sense to deploy our special­ists. In paral­lel, we continue to build our skills to do the right thing, the human thing: Helping.