It is 10 Septem­ber 1933 and after a long period of drought a fire breaks out in a barn on the south-east­ern outskirts of Öschel­bronn. Due to the strong east­erly wind, it can spread quickly and damages 295 build­ings. One of the deci­sive factors for the strong spread of the fire was that the couplings of the fire brigades were not compat­i­ble with each other.

Leap into the year 2022 - Our couplings are stan­dard­ised through­out Germany in sizes A, B, C and D and there are no prob­lems with them nation­ally. But what if we go into cross-border oper­a­tions? Which coun­tries use the Storz system and is Storz the same as Storz?

This overview is intended to provide assis­tance in this regard.