Volun­teer­ing connects people and over­comes bound­aries in all areas of social life. It makes our soci­ety stronger in every­day life and in excep­tional situ­a­tions. Help­ing is a matter of honour for many.

In a new campaign of the Federal Ministry of the Inte­rior as an exam­ple of the enor­mous will­ing­ness of volun­teers to help, the two focal points were: Volun­teer­ing in Civil Protec­tion and for People from Ukraine, volun­teer helpers from all over Germany were accom­pa­nied in vari­ous stories.

Together with the alliance “Alliance4Ukraine”, @fire was accom­pa­nied in trans­fer­ring donated fire and rescue vehi­cles to Ukraine.