The German Fire Brigade Asso­ci­a­tion’s work­ing group on forest fires, headed by Dr Ulrich Cimolino, revised the load set J - forest fire with the tech­ni­cal support of @fire Inter­na­tionaler Katastrophenschutz.

This is part of DIN 14800 Fire-fight­ing equip­ment for fire-fight­ing vehi­cles - Part 18: Addi­tional load­ing sets for fire-fight­ing vehicles.

In the process, the previ­ous load set was clas­si­fied as J.1 - load for fire-fight­ing vehi­cles and a load set J.2 - load for logis­tics vehi­cles was added.

The draft stan­dard can be commented on via the draft stan­dard portal until 14.05.2022.