Fire­fight­ing Back­pack - Live Test: Fire­fight­er­Willi in Danger

Feuer­wehrWilli tests a fire­fight­ing back­pack for himself & you. 20 litres of extin­guish­ing agent go in there and every­thing seems easy, doesn’t it?! You can see how long you can pump water with it (in fast motion) - a very long time. Conclu­sion: - well made - you can reach it for a long time - over 10m throw range - great addi­tion for oper­a­tions such as: espe­cially if you don’t have a water-carry­ing vehi­cle in your fire brigade. TOP!


Inde­pen­dent use of a forest fire tanker (Tactics France)

Trans­la­tion of the French FDF Manoeu­vre CCF isolé in version 1.4.

CCF - camion citerne feux de forêts = truck with tank for forest fires (TLF-W)
CA - chef d’agrès = attack leader (unit leader)
CE - chef d’équipes = team leader (squad leader)
EQ - équip­ier = team­mate (squad member)
CO - conduc­teur = driver (machin­ist)

Einsatzsystem Phönix

Sistema de despliegue modu­lar PHÖNIX

El sistema modu­lar PHÖNIX ha sido desar­rol­lado con la colab­o­ración de recono­ci­dos exper­tos, bomberos y fabri­cantes. Junto con el inici­ador del proyecto, Meinolf Kettel­gerdes de la empresa Carl Henkel de Biele­feld, se real­izó una solu­ción espe­cial­izada para la vegetación y los incen­dios fore­stales, que apoya a los servi­cios de emer­gen­cia en la lucha profe­sional contra el fuego.