After six days, we were able to success­fully complete our mission at the forest fire in the Harz moun­tains on Friday evening.

In addi­tion to lead­ing the air section for coor­di­nat­ing the fire­fight­ing water drops by the fire­fight­ing aircraft and heli­copters, we also support with some expe­ri­enced task forces as multi­pli­ers and tech­ni­cal advisors.

They guided the fire­fight­ers in extin­guish­ing pock­ets of embers and the post-extin­guish­ing work, and supported them in the stren­u­ous work of clear­ing the floor with hand tools.

The fire had spread to a total of 160 hectares, partly underground.

1,800 fire­fight­ers from Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Saxony were deployed in turn.

The Federal Armed Forces, the Federal Police, the THW, the Saxony-Anhalt police and the forest fire team were also on site.

Together we managed to stop and fight the fire. Thus, the emer­gency could be with­drawn this morn­ing and the respon­si­ble forces on site now take over the fire watch and the last post-extin­guish­ing work.

We would like to thank the command, the admin­is­tra­tion, as well as all forces involved in the oper­a­tion, who supported us in the area of oper­a­tion as well as in the back­ground, for the great cooperation.