The confused situ­a­tion in and around Ukraine contin­ues to require help from all over the world. @fire is currently provid­ing special support with logis­tics for donated fire­fight­ing equipment. 

We organ­ise the trans­port of your dona­tions directly to where they are needed. We are also in constant contact with the author­i­ties to provide support in other areas. 

Support for the refugee situ­a­tion in Moldova is currently being prepared here.

Our clas­si­fi­ca­tion as a Light USAR Team 2021 was reviewed by our Clas­si­fier Ivan Koval, among others. Our thoughts are espe­cially with Ivan and the Ukrain­ian USAR team Mobile Rescue Center of Ukraine, a 2014 certi­fied Heavy USAR team, and their families.

Due to the current dynamic situ­a­tion, a massive logis­ti­cal effort is neces­sary. To support this, @fire would like to acquire a minibus (used or new). This is to support logis­tics in the dynamic situ­a­tion. At present, people and vari­ous mate­r­ial have to be transported. 

To achieve this goal as quickly as possi­ble and to support it in the best possi­ble way, we need your support. You can support us directly via the dona­tion plat­form betterplace. 


You will receive a dona­tion receipt directly via the better­place platform.

We also want to spread the message from our part­ners in the Ukrain­ian fire brigade to their comrades in Belarus.


@fire Inter­na­tionaler Katas­tro­phen­schutz Deutsch­land e. V. is a non-profit relief organ­i­sa­tion that provides rapid emer­gency aid world­wide follow­ing devas­tat­ing natural disas­ters. We are financed by member­ship fees and donations.