Today, the first artic­u­lated lorry with 33 pallets and around 12 tonnes of fire­fight­ing equip­ment set off for Ukraine!

A total of 120 pallets of mate­r­ial were collected in the last few days during the joint relief action by Osteu­ropahilfe, Brand­schutztech­nik Müller, Jola Rent, Heavy Rescue Germany and @fire. Almost 40t of protec­tive cloth­ing, helmets, boots, gener­a­tors, pumps, hoses, rescue equip­ment, tents, lift­ing bags, cut-off machines, personal dosime­ters and five complete fire engines were donated by private indi­vid­u­als, fire brigades and companies.

The relief supplies are trans­ported directly to the East­ern Europe Aid hub in Ukraine and provided by the total of 40,000 emer­gency person­nel of the DSNS, the State Service of Ukraine for Civil Protec­tion and Firefighting.


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