Last night it rained in the south of France! Due to the change in weather, the situ­a­tion is currently easing somewhat.

During the night of the thun­der­storm, our emer­gency forces were busy for longer than usual with fire­fight­ing of fire nests on a 1.5 kilo­me­ter long section of road and the protec­tion of the build­ings adja­cent to it. Currently, the unit is contin­u­ing its response activ­i­ties at an inci­dent site from the previ­ous days. Further­more, the loca­tion of Le Arroundeys was approached in order to carry out post-extin­guish­ing work there. Evac­u­ated villages were reopened by the emer­gency manage­ment and resi­dents were able to return to their homes.

The French author­i­ties are constantly assess­ing the current situ­a­tion and coor­di­nat­ing the deploy­ment of Euro­pean-wide emer­gency forces. Whether the forest fire module can be released from service sooner after the change in weather will be seen in the coming days.

As before, 65 forces from the fire depart­ments of Bonn, Düssel­dorf, Leverkusen, Königswin­ter, Ratin­gen, fire­fight­ers from Lower Saxony, expert advi­sors from the aid orga­ni­za­tion “@fire” and a supply unit of the Johan­niter Unfall­hilfe are on site.