8 para­medics and emer­gency para­medics were able to complete the train­ing as “Medic in Foreign Oper­a­tions” with a prac­ti­cal train­ing. In the field, @fire Medics ensure the safety of the response team and care for rescued victims. The train­ing consists of four modules, three of which are completed online. In addi­tion to oper­a­tional and legal basics, the theory dealt with the medical pecu­liar­i­ties in the disas­ter area as well as the care of buried patients.

In the final prac­ti­cal train­ing, measures under diffi­cult condi­tions as well as special skills for foreign deploy­ment were trained. During a mission simu­la­tion, the proce­dures could be trained from the initial measures and the care of the patient in the rubble, through rescue and extended care, to impro­vised trans­port. Station train­ing included learn­ing surgi­cal wound care, impro­vis­ing equip­ment, trauma care for humans and dogs, and how to use rescue equipment.